Hooman Derakhshandeh was born on 31th January 1980 in Tehran.
He  spent  his childhood painting with love ٫ When his son became  passionate, his father did not hesitate  to do anything for him and gradually  introduced him to the world of art and taught him painting techniques and how to use tools. And they supported him .
He completed his high school education in the field of visual arts. He worked in various ways in various fields of painting for many years, and in addition to painting, he also took photographs.
In 2009, he held his first solo exhibition at Golestan Gallery. This group of his works, which are considered to be the beginning of his professional activity, are a collection of works with figurative tendencies.
In 1390, he became a finalist in the Artist-in-Residence Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture of the Austrian Republic. Since 2006, he has been teaching painting for a limited time and has also been teaching at the university for some time.
He has  participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in and outside the country,  including   the  United Kingdom , France ,  the United States, Canada, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.
Hooman Derakhshandeh  is  a figurative artist who is faithful to the originality of painting.