Etemad Gallery 2020 Tehran IRAN

The relationship between humans and their environment is a dynamic and multifaceted one, characterized by a two-way street of discourse and contradiction. As noted by scholars, this interaction involves both parties impacting and influencing each other. Individuals change the environment, while their behavior and experiences are simultaneously transformed by it.

This collection of paintings creates a new discourse around the role of women in Iranian culture by blending photos of Iranian women from old times to the present day with urban graffiti images of Paris. The graffiti images depict symbols of urbanism, culture, and urban art, while the photos of Iranian women represent traditional and historical art and culture of Iran.
The attempt to merge two different cultures and art forms in this collection of paintings highlights the influence of western urban culture. The graffiti images, as symbols of urban culture, alongside photos of Iranian women, aim to create a new discourse about the role of women in Iranian and global culture. The inclusion of images of strong and powerful women alongside urban graffiti demonstrates the impact of western urban culture on the portrayal of women.
Through the combination of photos of Iranian women from ancient times to today and urban graffiti images, this collection of paintings presents a new discourse about the role of women in Iranian culture. It reflects an attempt to merge western urban culture and the traditional and historical culture of Iran in a unique and creative way. Overall, this collection serves as an example of how western urban culture has influenced world art and culture, presenting a new discourse about the role of women in Iranian culture.

Untitled, Oil Acrylic and Ink on canvas, 150×400 cm, 2019