As an artist, I draw inspiration from my personal experiences and the world around me, with a particular focus on the cultural influences of the 80s generation. Seeing the effects of the events of this period of Iranian history on my society, especially the Iran-Iraq war in my childhood, I’ve developed a deep sense of empathy, resilience, and courage that informs my work.

Art allows me to express myself in a way that transcends linguistic barriers and connects with others on a universal level. My passion lies in exploring the complexities of human experiences, social issues, and identity, including gender, race, and culture. Through my thought-provoking artwork, I aim to initiate conversations and actions that contribute to a more just and equitable society.

I am constantly seeking out innovative and sustainable materials and techniques to incorporate into my art while also staying true to my traditional oil and acrylic painting skills. My artwork reflects my personal experiences, values, and the cultural and social conditions that have shaped me.

Hooman DRK.