1980 – Born in Tehran, Hooman Derakhshandeh’s artistic journey began at a young age. His childhood summers were spent playing with sand on the northern coast of Iran, where his grandfather even built a sand dune in the garden to further nurture his creativity. This foundation laid the groundwork for Hooman’s lifelong passion for art.

1986 – At six years old, Hooman spent a memorable summer in America with his family, an experience he recalls as full of happiness and endless possibilities. Upon returning to Iran, however, he faced the stark contrast of a country still entrenched in the Iran-Iraq war. This duality had a lasting impact on Hooman and is evident in his later artworks.

1988 – Hooman’s love for art only grew stronger as he aged. During the war, Hooman and his family sought refuge in Northern Iran to evade the bombings in Tehran. It was then that Hooman’s father began painting, sparking Hooman’s interest in oil painting as he observed his father’s work for hours.

1995 – Enrolling in art school solidified Hooman’s ambition to become an artist. He embraced various disciplines, including design, photography, sculpture, graphics, costume design, and stage design, as he embarked on his artistic journey.

1998 – After art school, Hooman established himself in a small studio, where he began exhibiting his paintings and connecting with audiences. He pursued further artistic development independently, seeking out esteemed professors and institutions. The same year, Hooman married his wife, who became an invaluable source of support and inspiration.

2009 – Despite the devastating loss of his father, Hooman’s dedication to his art persevered. He held his first major exhibition, ‘PARADOX,’ at Tehran’s Golestan Gallery, successfully showcasing his unique style and vision. Hooman’s work focused on the complexities of women’s societal roles, challenging traditional gender and identity norms through oil and acrylic on canvas.

2012 – Hooman accepted an offer from Rira Gallery in Dubai, elevating his art to the international stage over the next three years. That same year, he was a finalist in the Artist in Residence competition organized by the Republic of Austria’s Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture.

2015 – Hooman began working with Etemad Gallery in Tehran and maintains this partnership today. His artwork has been exhibited worldwide, from the United States to England to France and beyond. He has also shared his painting knowledge by teaching color science briefly at university and continuously in his private studio. Continuing to explore the intricacies of identity, Hooman’s art challenges cultural and social norms.