Rira Gallery 2012 DIFC,Dubai,UAE

‘Mystic Presence’ is a continuation of the ‘Paradox series ’. The Piece signifies a woman’s perpetual struggles between her inner and outer identities and as she gazes into the audience’s eyes,challenges them to find the meaning behind hers.
Like many women around the word , the subject has a dual existence ; her inner private life and her outer public life ,in which she must conform to the dos and don’ts of everyday ,obeying social conventions even if she doesn’t want to.
The audience will have their own understanding of the work , gleaning their own impressions of the central figure -with the artist playing a passive role -leaving the meaning of the work ambiguous and open to interpretation. in this regard it all depends on the audience’s way of thinking, the work could be light hearted and humorous or imbued with a deeper and more serious message. Either are correct , or indeed both , as like all art ,it is ultimately a matter of perspective.
Derakhshandeh’s Paintings lend an equal value to the human figure and the identity of women.He confronts the viewer,challenging them to find the meaning behind his subject,particularly the eyes.The series of oil and acrylic on canvas depicts female figures with detailed and pristine faces,which lead to rough and general representations of the rest of the body, almost abstractions of space.
Derakhshandeh focuses on the expression of his female subjects,the face acting like a frame,the eyes,a window,urging the viewer to garner their own understanding of the work,gleaning their own impressions of the subject.He was influenced by post-social conflicts captured personal truths and reflected them through the eyes of others.