Etemad Gallery 2012 Tehran IRAN

Hooman Derakhshandeh’s paintings demonstrate girls and women who are beautiful , starring and monochrome.They are modern Venuses with backgrounds on which words, mottos or signs from billboards, announcements or even doctor prescriptions have been added.

Derakhshandeh tries to reveal the external anxiety of his female figures , by adding those words to the surface of his paintings and also by destroying the women’s bodies or even in some cases by eliminating their hands and other body parts. In this way , beauty is intimidated. He benefits from the contrasts of abstract and other forms and creating surface and volume , in order to portrait the equivalent of a Venus who owns the qualities of seduction and terror at the same time.

“Venuses” who belong to the time being but there is also the fear that they may fall apart. Dr. Behnam Kamrani